Markus Haupt  IT-Solutions
Freelancer / Computer Scientist M.Sc.
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Within the highly dynamic overall system of an organisation, IT systems operate as an essential component. Using IT an organisation can be significantly more optimised and developed. Driven by digitisation, the tasks of the employees become more complex and increasingly merge into one another. Corporate hierarchies evolve into collaborative networks of process designers requiring a high level of IT expertise. Also in today's dynamic market and with business expansion on the rise, constant modifications are essential to meet market demands. I can enrich your company by providing a proactive and dynamic specialist to lead the way for a successful future in manageable steps.

I completed my degree in Computer Science (Bachelor & Master of Science) at the highly-ranked German University of Paderborn with excellent studies. These studies focussed on generic working methods and involved elaborated practical project work.

Following the completion of my studies I began working as a developer of customer specific SAP solutions on behalf of an international consulting company. For more than four years, I contributed to many successful projects working for several large corporations within the Automotive and Financial Services industries.

My background provides me with a comprehensive wealth of experience, enabling me to support you extensively with your SAP development projects. I can assist competently in the following service areas:
  • Analysis of existing systems and business processes
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design of software modules and architectural design
  • Software development and configuration including documentation
  • Test planning and execution
  • Realisation of technical training
  • Incident handling
As a freelancer my main goal is customer satisfaction and to provide a professional service. I am not representing a specific product or a consulting company, thus I am represented only through the quality of my work. Therefore I commit to:
  • No "hot air" in non-productive meetings.
  • No unnecessarily inflated and complicated proprietary development.
  • No sources of knowledge within individuals and incomplete documentation.
  • A working communication between IT and business.
  • A maximum of sustainability in terms of economic feasability.
  • A strong and broad knowledge in computer science and an expertise within relevant specialised subjects.
Please don't hesitate to Contact me. More information about my qualifications are available on request.

The city of Dortmund (Germany) is my current place of residence.